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Sat 23rd
Mother Earth News

Fresh Fruit Butters

Fruit butters are easy to make, in fact – they are almost foolproof. They allow for a little more creativity than many soft spread recipes and are perfect for using up odds and ends of fresh fruit.

Eateries and Drinkeries Are Among the Oldest Food Heritage Sites Around

Some of the most enduring food heritage sites are those devoted to the basics, eating and drinking.

Ice Cream: It's What's for Dessert

Homemade ice cream is delicious, and with the help of new ice cream makers, quick, easy and fast.

Simple Tomato-Avocado Sandwich Recipe

Use garden tomatoes and in-season avocado to create a simple, yet satisfying sandwich.

Summer Peach and Goat Cheese Sandwich

Fresh peaches and creamy goat cheese unite in the perfect summer sandwich.
Sat 23rd

Crop Tour Keeps the Lid on Yields

Reasonable yield expectations out of the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour are proving some light at the end of the corn price tunnel, says Jerry Gulke.

Farmland Values: What's In Store Past 2014?

University of Illinois ag economists break out the crystal balls as they look at the data and make some trend-spotting analysis to see if farmland values continue to go up, level off or fall down.

Don't Call the Corn Crop a Record Yet

Odds heavily favor the 2014 corn crop setting a new yield record, yet challenging conditions may prevent this year’s from eclipsing last year’s production record.

AgWeb Radio: Midday Commentary 8-22-14

Jay Wilson of Farm Direction says the Pro-Farmer Crop Tour is completed with final information yet today. Weather will be the next issue with still some concern of early freeze.

Chinese Grain Imports Hit Record Levels

China’s “three-part purchasing record” is further proof that demand continues to outpace supply in some key crops, according to the U.S. Grains Council.​
Sat 23rd
Mother Earth News

Last Chance To Sow Cool Weather Vegetables

Consider planting these three categories of vegetable crops during late summer and fall:
Warm weather crops that will die with frost.
Cool weather crops that grow well in spring and fall, but don’t thrive in your summer.
Cold-hardy crops to grow over the winter and get off to a fast start in early spring.

Gourmet Garlic Curing

Garlic will keep for months if properly cured, allowing you to enjoy it all winter long!

Subsistence Farming in Romania

While the grinding work of a Romanian subsistence farm isn’t anything that I would choose for myself, there are aspects of the life that are attractive. In particular, the practices that I think of as the circles of life — eating food one has grown oneself, saving seeds, feeding poultry with garden scraps, and then eating their eggs (or them), and preserving a fruit harvest to cement friendships with strangers.

It's Not Too Late to Plant a Fall Garden

Follow these simple tips on fall gardening.

Determining Days to Maturity

Learn when to expect your crops to be ready to harvest. Giving attention to the days to maturity for the varieties you choose to grow will help you in your garden planning.

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