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Fri 31st
Mother Earth News

Peanut Butter Ice Pops Recipe

Incredible peanut butter ice pops with six simple, real-food ingredients.

Movie Review: The Seeds of Time

Modern, industrial agriculture as we know it today is running out of time, and it's much later than we think.

Interview With Tanya Fields: Urban Farming and Food Sovereignty Activist

Tanya Fields, named the Eco-Warrior of the Food System, discusses how she came to be an urban farming and food sovereignty activist working to empower women and change the food landscape in the underserved neighborhoods of New York City.

Cantharellus Cibarius: Queen of Kingdom Fungi

Highlighting Chanterelles in a fall series of mushroom foraging.

Purple Sweet Potato Fingerling Salad Recipe

Trendy purple sweet potatoes are a less sweet but no less tasty variety of sweet potatoes and are delicious prepared a number of interesting and unusual ways. Try this salad warm or cold for a scrumptious meal!
Fri 31st

End Of Month Positioning Sets Stage For Volatility

Grain markets are mostly higher lead by meal in the soybean complex. Dollar surges higher to test early October highs.

3 Countries Share Top Challenges in Corn, Soybean Production

Every corner of the world has its own unique obstacles to overcome when it comes to crop production. Hear the top challenges from three countries.

AgWeb Radio: Closing Commentary 10-30-14

Logan at Grain Hedge says it was a volatile day and soybeans lead the market lower with weakness in the meal. The CME group is raising margin requirements tomorrow on soy meal.

AgWeb Radio: Midday Commentary 10-30-14

Bob Utterback of Utterback Marketing says the market move higher is related to actual delivery of the grain and meal needed. As the problems are solved prices will go down again.
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