Abundance Acres Farm
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Abundance Acres Farm,

Fort Plain NY
Address: 957 Stone Arabia Rd, Fort Plain NY 13339 / (518) 993-3866

Farm Type: Farm Farm Stand

Farming Practices: Naturally Grown Practicing Organic Grass - Fed Sustainable Pasture-Raised, No-Spray

We got your good eggs right here! From free-ranging, pasture-raised hens fed non-GMO, organically grown feed, sourced and milled locally.
What, CornishX chickens don't forage? WRONG! Our broiler chickens THRIVE with managed free-range grazing on our no-spray pasture.
American Guinea Hogs are a rare slow-growing homestead pig breed that effectively converts grass to meat and lard. The hogs graze on pasture with minimal rooting as long as we move them often.
Our brown egg layers are hardy, productive, and voracious foragers. If you're a worm or a cricket, watch out!
Our Crème d'Argent rabbits feast on non-GMO, organically grown feed and no-spray alfalfa-blend hay, plus seasonal forage and garden goodies like herbs and greens.
Broad-Breasted White turkeys showed us that they LOVE alfalfa and free-ranging on no-spray pasture! They'd run onto new grass even when they had a full feed trough.
Our saw mill usually is stocked with rough-sawn hemlock 2x4s and pine boards (in various widths), sustainably harvested from our woods with Amish draft horses.
Breakfast goes from humdrum to gourmet when your ingredients are good, clean, and fresh. Does your egg look like this?
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