R and J Ranch
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R and J Ranch,

Liberty SC
Address: 1821 Christopher Lane, Liberty SC 29657 / (864) 556-5718

Farm Type: Ranch

Farming Practices: Naturally Grown Practicing Organic Sustainable Certified SC Grown

Lucky Luke, one of our proud Muscovy Ducks
One of our young rabbits
CottonTale, one of our Californian females
Whole Skinless Chicken
Pasture raised, processed on site
See randjranch.net for more information
Quail, they produce tiny eggs that have a lighter taste than chicken eggs and are a perfect bite size  $4 dozen
Fresh Duck Eggs $5 for 1/2 dozen
Visit randjranch.net for more information
Three of our Free Range Egg Layers
Baby chicks we hatched ourselves
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