Seattle Gourmet Coffee
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Seattle Gourmet Coffee,

Shoreline WA
Address: 17565 15th Avenue NE, Shoreline WA 98155 / (206) 417-5599

Type of Business: Supplier coffee roasting & distrib

In addition to carrying single origin coffees like Colombian, Sumatra & Brazilian, we also carry exotics like Hawaiian Kona, Maui & Jamaica Blue Mountain.
We are a certified organic coffee roaster.
We are a certified organic & fair trade coffee roaster in addition to carrying Swiss Water Decaf coffees.
One of our most popular coffees is our Dangerously Good blend. Mmm lives up to the name.
We ship locally, nationally and internationally (as long as coffee is not a restricted product). We also ship to military customers.
We roast in drum roaster which guarantees a wonderful and consistent taste.
We guarantee freshly roasted coffee each and every batch.
You may see one of our distribution vehicles on the road, and if you do give them a honk.
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