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The mainstreaming of the local food experience, fueled by Agrilicious, is creating unique partnering opportunities. We are passionate about creating relationships based on shared goals, common interests and long-term growth potential. With Agrilicious, you can experience the benefits of a:

Shared Mission

To expand the family-farmer connections and celebrate the results

Agrilicious is the go-to source for all things local food. We are local food champions and marketing partners for farmers, restaurants, grocery delivery, meal kit services, distributors, educators and food industry experts. As a social purpose corporation, is uniquely qualified to build partnerships based on both mission and marketing objectives, providing the best-of-both-worlds opportunities.

"This magical, marvelous food on our plate, this substance we absorb, has a story to tell."
Joel Salatin, Farmer, Lecturer, and Author. Time Magazine named Farming HERO.
As seen on Agrilicious TV: Eat Local

Customer Cultivation

By offering content and services valued by local food aware consumers is an information, products and services channel to reach mainstream consumers, foodies and locavores. People that find “nutritional value most important in food” actively seek information from websites and buy goods on the internet. Source: SRDS Lifestyle Analysis Reports

"79% of consumers would like to buy more local food"
Sullivan Higdon & Sink's FoodThink Study.
As seen in Agri-Graphics: Why Shoppers Go Local

National Scale

That connects people, products and issues effectively

As the first-of-its-kind national source for all things local food, Agrilicious provides the path to greater visibility, more choices, and powerful connections at a scale not previously possible. The Agrilicious team is motivated to work with partners in ways that will advance the local food cause and bring together consumers, farmers and the food industry, to share, connect and make a difference.

"This whole idea of wanting to know what is in the foods you're eating, or things to be grown locally or organically, that's not just a trend for a higher-income consumer."
Walmart spokeswoman Deisha Barnett (CNBC)
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Types of partnerships:

Sponsorship - Present a Feature or Section on Agrilicious

Gain visibility and show your support of the food movement through sponsoring or presenting Agrilicious website elements - a section, feature or functionality. Opportunities include Agrilicious TV, AnswerVille, Education, My Neighborhood, The Good Life, Messaging, Harvest Wheel and our scholarship program, Agrilicious Gives Back. Additional targeted marketing and brand building opportunities exist by sponsoring our Video production and content development team, our “Street Team”, and/or presenting a live event(s).

Cause-Related Marketing Promotions – Create an Employee Program

Connect more deeply with your employees, your customers, and prospects by supporting initiatives that are important to them. Agrilicious is about eating local and fresh, being healthy, contributing to a better environment and making a positive impact on your local economy by supporting local providers. Let us help you make that connection with your team.

Donations of Products, Goods and Services

If your company is interested in introducing its product or services to Agrilicious members, or, perhaps you are a supplier of goods and/or services that an emerging social purpose corporation like Agrilicious can benefit from – we are interested in speaking to you about the donation of products, goods and/or services to Agrilicious!

Product Promotions / Advertorial – Featured Products, Services and Reviews

Product promotions of local and organic foods, gardening, farming goods and food movement related services are a great way for a company to enhance its own marketing objectives and help Agrilicious deliver its vital messages, programs and services to individuals and qualified B2B partners. Let our team help create a campaign / promotion around your product – that can benefit us all.


Agrilicious continues to explore opportunities in other categories in which we do not manufacture or produce products. If you are interested in licensing the Agrilicious brand on a product, service or event that appropriately aligns with the Food Movement category, we would be interested in hearing from you.

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