Why Agrilicious?

Your food choices have enormous impact on the wellbeing of your family, the farm community and even the food industry. The Agrilicious food movement is focused on expanding the family-farmer connection while celebrating the experiences and benefits this creates.

joel Salatin

The Experience

Agrilicious provides an exciting way to participate in the local food experience:
  • Adventure: Watch Chef Scott Pampuch and famous farmer, author, expert Joel Salatin face a grueling challenge: In a 24-hour period, source and cook 3 meals on a budget, using only local food.
  • Intrigue: Go behind the scene as expert and activist Robyn O’Brien lifts the curtain on the food industry.
  • Opportunity: Connect with a local farmer producing the healthiest, most nutritious meat in the region. Find a recipe that will make you a star.
Farm Fresh, Locally Grown

The Benefits

Eating food that is fresh, tastes better and has so many health benefits, what’s not to like? With Agrilicious you can:
  • Find: More local food choices.
  • Gain: New insights from the perspectives shared only here.
  • Amplify: The impact of your choices.
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The Outcome

Together, we can make a difference in these important ways:
  • Awareness: Be better prepared, through an understanding of the issues.
  • Action: Shape the food industry, by choosing locally sourced food.
  • Advance: The cause, by seeking out direct to farmer connections.
Support the Agrilicious cause, by making more local food choices that are the result of a direct-with-the-farmer connection.


Support The Cause. Make Local Food Choices. Create Direct Farm Connections.

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