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Agrilicious – Happy Holiday's

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Posted December 17, 2015

As we close out 2015 I wanted to pass along our heartfelt thanks from all of us to all of you for supporting us here at Agrilicious! This past year has truly been the year of innovation and excitement for Agrilicious. It has been nonstop. Our ability to grow as fast as we have is all due to your support - we feel honored to have earned that.

We can't wait to share all that lies ahead in 2016!

From our family to yours, our very best wishes for the holiday season, and a happy & healthy new year!

(...and don't forget to recycle your tree! Click here for more information.)


Autumn is Upon Us

Fall Farm
Posted October 1, 2015

The summer of 2015 is officially over and it was a great one! Autumn has arrived and the temperatures are beginning to drop. We have many farmers' markets and food stands still open – I encourage you to look within your region and support our farmers. Halloween is around the corner - it's time to start thinking about hay rides and pumpkins and it's never too early to get your fresh turkey ordered!

See the best of October! Our featured produce; farms and recipe and don't miss this months featured Article: The Pumpkin: Fall's Favorite Fruit

The Lilliputians are fast at work behind the scenes to get the Marketplace launched prior to the holidays. Farms and artisans can now begin to populate their storefronts (Farm fresh food, handmade goods, CSA memberships, pantry items, baskets and more). Sign in and click on the My Neighborhood tab!

Do you need help populating your store or tips to secure more traffic to your farm profile or web site? We're here to help! Email us for a free review.

Do you have a favorite family recipe that you just HAVE TO share!? You can now share all of your fav's in the Recipe section.

The Days of Summer

Summer Fair
Posted August 6, 2015

I hope you're enjoying summer as much as we are here in the great northwest! It's been a beauty. Good local food, friends and great weather - cannot beat it!

Do you love watermelon?! Check out our article Watermelon: The Crown Jewel of Summer

The best of August are in! Check out August featured produce; farms and recipe now!

It's's coming...the Marketplace is coming at the end of the month! Farms, vendors and artisans may begin to populate their storefronts (Farm fresh food, handmade goods, CSA memberships, pantry items, baskets and more) in the coming week!

Do you have a favorite family recipe that you just HAVE TO share!? You can now share all of your fav's in the Recipe section.

Need help or tips for your farm profile? We're here to help! Email us for a free review.

Enjoy the Fourth of July

Summer Reading
Posted July 2, 2015

Here's hoping your 4th of July is filled with good food, great friends and family! It was on the 4th in 1776 that the Continental Congress approved the final wording of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. They'd been working on it for a couple of days after the draft was submitted on July 2nd and finally agreed on all of the edits and changes. July 4, 1776, became the date that was included on the Declaration of Independence, and the fancy handwritten copy that was signed in August (the copy now displayed at the National Archives in Washington, D.C.) It's also the date that was printed on the Dunlap Broadsides, the original printed copies of the Declaration that were circulated throughout the new nation. So when people thought of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776 was the date they remembered! Here is a special treat. One of our favorites: Paul Harvey: Our Lives Our Fortunes Our Sacred Honor.

What is your favorite 4th of July Vegetable? Vote now in our new poll!

Check out our featured Recipe, Farm(s) and Produce this month! View them here.

The Marketplace is coming in July! You can start populating your storefronts (Farm fresh food, handmade goods, CSA memberships, pantry items, baskets and more) in the coming week!

2015 Summer Reading List!

Summer Reading
Posted June 4, 2015

Summer is upon us! It's time for good food, friends, music, fun…and of course a good book! Here’s some of our favorites!

April Showers Brought May Flowers

Trillium Wood Farm
Posted May 8, 2015

It's National BBQ Month! What is your favorite BBQ? Vote now in our new poll!

The Marketplace is coming soon. You can start populating your storefronts (Farm fresh food, handmade goods, CSA memberships, pantry items, baskets and more) in a couple of weeks!

It's May! Check out our featured Recipe, Farm(s) and Produce this month! View them here.

To maximize your exposure online it's vital that your profile is complete AND that you have added all of your products to your profile. Google is today's Yellow Pages. By way of example, if you sell "fruit" don't just feature the word "fruit" in your profile, EXPAND the Fruit category and select all of the fruit you have available (apples, oranges, etc)! A complete profile will result in better Google results. Potential customers searching online don’t know the name of your business - they will be searching for products (and services) words linked to your area (e.g. "organic carrots canton oh"). Try this exercise, go to Google, search all of your products one by one ((e.g. "organic carrots your city your state") to see what search results your customers are seeing when they search your "keywords" (competitors, etc). Remember - Google search results = free customers! Optimizing your presence online will lead to more customers. Add products today and in just a few weeks you will start seeing results online! For more tips or a FREE profile review, email us at

2015 Culinary Forecast: Local, Local, Local.

2015 Food Trends
Posted April 17, 2015

The National Restaurant Association’s annual What's Hot culinary forecast predicts food and menu trends for the coming year. For 2015, the NRA surveyed nearly 1,300 professional chefs – members of the American Culinary Federation (ACF). As consumers today increasingly incorporate restaurants into their daily lives, the NRA states they want to be able to follow their personal preferences and philosophies no matter where or how they choose to dine. So, it's only natural that culinary themes like local sourcing, sustainability and nutrition top the list of menu trends for 2015.

See the complete list of top 10 food trends for 2015

Calling on Farms & Artisans (DC Area)

White House
Posted April 7, 2015

Each year the Dept of Health and Human Services (HHS) features a weekly farmers market in front of the Hubert H. Humphrey Building in downtown Washington, D.C. (200 Independence Avenue, SW), just one block from the Federal Center SW Metro station. The market is typically held on Wednesdays from 11am-2pm from early June through late October. This year – HHS is looking for a few additional, quality vendors specializing in produce, prepared food items such as salsa or hummus, flowers, breads and cheeses and craft items. If you are interested in participating in the farmer's market at the HHS Headquarters building for the 2015 season, please email Agrilicious at your earliest convenience for consideration.

Happy Easter - Let the Feast Begin

Happy Easter - Let the Feast Begin
Posted April 2, 2015

With Easter upon us - I hope you've stocked your kitchen with local produce, perhaps a ham or lamb chops from your local provider - and maybe even some organic strawberries and cream to close out the festivities?! To wet your holiday whistle - here's some interesting factoids, we call it Easter by the Numbers. This year leading into Easter we all can enjoy a lunar treat, a rare total lunar eclipse will happen on Saturday morning whereby the moon will dip into Earth’s shadow, turning its bright white globe to a deep coppery red in a matter of minutes. It will in fact be the shortest total lunar eclipse of the century. Starting at 3:16 am PDT, the moon will begin moving into Earth's shadow. For the next hour and 45 minutes, that shadow will move across the moon and engulf it at 4:58 a.m. PDT. NASA has prepared an interesting short video worth sharing.

National Ag Day is Wed, March 18!

March 18th is National Agriculture Day
Posted March 17, 2015

National Agriculture Day is Wednesday, March 18. It is a day to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture. This will mark the 42nd anniversary of National Ag Day which is celebrated in classrooms and communities across the country. The theme for National Ag Day this year is "Agriculture: Sustaining Future Generations."

Join us – as Agrilicious joins the Agriculture Council of America in encouraging our members to understand how food and fiber products are produced; appreciate the role agriculture plays in providing safe, abundant and affordable products; value the essential role of agriculture in maintaining a strong economy; consider a career opportunities in the agriculture, food and fiber industry; and last but not least - hug a farmer and/or an FFA member!

Wash Your Produce!

Wash Your Produce!
Posted March 2, 2015

Each year the Environmental Working Group singles out produce with the highest pesticide loads for its Dirty Dozen list. This year, it is comprised of apples, peaches, nectarines, strawberries, grapes, celery, spinach, sweet bell peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, imported snap peas and potatoes. Each of these foods tested positive a number of different pesticide residues and showed higher concentrations of pesticides than other produce items.

Key findings:

  • 99 percent of apple samples, 98 percent of peaches, and 97 percent of nectarines tested positive for at least one pesticide residue.
  • The average potato had more pesticides by weight than any other produce.
  • A single grape sample and a sweet bell pepper sample contained 15 pesticides.
  • Single samples of cherry tomatoes, nectarines, peaches, imported snap peas and strawberries showed 13 different pesticides apiece.

See EWG's 2015 Dirty Dozen™

2015 Gardening Trends!

2015 Gardening Trends!
Posted February 3, 2015

As spring quickly approaches (yes - its true!) the Garden Media Group has unveiled its 2015 Garden Trends whitepaper – featuring the top nine garden trends of 2015!

  1. The New Consumers: The millennial generation, young men and Hispanics, rank as the fastest growing segment of the U.S.
  2. Wellbeing: Consumers want to make the world a better place – and they want brands to help them do it.
  3. Garden-tainment: People are estimated to spend $7 billion on outdoor décor in 2015. They will use their outdoor spaces as an extension of their homes to entertain.

See the Entire Top Nine Garden Trends for 2015

The Marketplace Launches this Spring!

New Year Resolutions - Start a Garden
Posted January 9, 2014

The New Year is off and running here at Agrilicious! We've got lots of exciting things in the works – including the launch of our virtual farmers market this spring! Our national marketplace is the first of its kind and will feature all things local food – and handmade goods...More news coming soon!

Fast-Food Industry Resolution for 2015 - Change our Image: Even the Fast-food chains have a New Year's resolution: Drop the junk! Check it out here.

What is Your "Food" Resolution for 2015? Vote in our poll here.

Revisiting the Beginning...I've had a few emails here over the holiday and the first of the year congratulating the team on Agrilicious – and asking how/why we got started. You can read our first blog – Seeds of Growth: The Birth of Agrilicious!

Keep in touch with us on Facebook; follow us on Twitter and check out our new Pinterest page!


Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner!

Posted November 12, 2014

Congratulations to our food crusaders in Colorado and Oregon – you fought the good fight, raised significant awareness in and around the need for food transparency - only to come up short with their initiative(s) to require foods with GMO ingredients to be labeled. With the election behind us – and all those commercials (!) we can now shift our focus towards Thanksgiving and the holidays.

On Agrilicious this week we have a couple of timely features:

Turkey Buying Guide: Organic, Natural or Heritage Turkey >
Talking Turkey: Conventional Turkey or Heritage Turkey >
Vote in the Turkey Poll! >

Next week I am looking forward to visiting with Dan Barber. Dan is the Chef of Blue Hill, a restaurant in Manhattan’s West Village in New York, and Blue Hill at Stone Barns, located in Pocantico Hills, New York, northeast of Sleepy Hollow within the nonprofit farm and education center, Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture. Dan's bestselling book The Third Plate is a thoughtful look at the current state of our nation's food system.

Next up – Thanksgiving!

Navy Seals, Pumpkins and Food Day!

Five areas of nutrition focus in the Fueling Series
Posted October 22, 2014

AMERICAN HEROES. I enjoyed reading about the Navy Seals / US Navy efforts to promote an Agrilicious lifestyle through a new paradigm regarding the food we eat. The program stresses the importance of viewing food as nourishment to our body as opposed to solely caloric units. We need to consider what that food represents in terms of energy and nutrients. Just one food or one nutrient is not the answer to more energy, an optimal weight, better health and improved performance. The key to success lies in the collection of the habits that fuel our bodies, activities, minds, performance and, most importantly, our lives. Review the five areas of nutrition focus in the Fueling Series.

IT'S THE GREAT PUMPKIN...article! Don't miss our latest article on pumpkins, getting you ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving! Is a pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable? Can you eat pumpkin leaves? All things pumpkin can be found here!

FOOD DAY is this Friday! Agrilicious is proud to be a national partner for Food Day 2014. Food Day is a nationwide celebration and a movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food. Find an event near you – or to host your own event!

On behalf of the entire Agrilicious team – thank you for all of the nice emails and social media posts. We really we appreciate the ongoing support! Tell a friend!

Are you in Topeka, KS? We'll see you out at the Mother Earth Fair this weekend!


Barton Seaver, Michael Pollan & Alice Waters – A San Francisco Treat!

In Search of Food
Posted October 7, 2014

In Search of Food, San Francisco – In the latest episode Barton Seaver focuses on the Hog Island Oyster Co., Sarah Weiner, Scribe Winery, Earthbound Farm, fishing with Artie Herning, Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market, Bovolo; and special visits with Michael Pollan at Renaissance Forge and Alice Waters at Chez Panisse. Click to watch.

FOOD DAY is October 24th! Agrilicious is proud to be a national partner for Food Day 2014. Food Day is a nationwide celebration and a movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food. This annual event involves some of the country’s most prominent food activists, united by a vision of food that is healthy, affordable, and produced with care for the environment, farm animals, and the people who grow, harvest, and serve it. With Food Day, we can celebrate our food system when it works and fix it when it’s broken. In 2013 more than 4,700 events took place from community festivals in Denver, Savannah, and New York City, to a national conference in Washington, DC. Click here to find an event near you – or to host your own event!

Changing the Dairy Industry, One Cow at a Time. I enjoyed this story about the Shatto Milk Company, the past decade has been one of reinvention that saved the family farm from going under. Like many local Missouri dairy farmers, Leroy and Barb Shatto, found themselves spending more money on producing milk than what they were being paid for it by large milk distributors. Refusing to shut down the farm, the Shattos reached out to multiple banks, looking for help in implementing their new business—cutting out the middleman and bottling their own milk. After being handed rejection after rejection, one local bank finally took a chance on their big business risk! Watch the video here.

Enjoy autumn!


Welcoming Autumn

Posted September 19, 2014

As the memory of summer slowly fades - the autumnal equinox brings us the fall season officially this Monday (Sept 22 at 10:29 PM). We welcome autumn and all it has to offer, from apples to sweet potatoes, autumn's bumper crop of fruits and vegetables offer a range of intense flavors and substantial textures. Find Your Local Farmers Market.

We've added a few great articles this week – Slow Food, Canning Tips and an overview of humanely raised farm animal labels, we encourage you to take a look!

Congratulations to Annie's Homegrown – best known for their Mac & Cheese – Annie’s was sold this past week to General Mills for a whopping $820M. While the internet was abuzz with those worried about Annie's being taken over by the evil empire - Annie Withey and team did their best to confirm their commitment to nourishing families with simple, down-to-earth foods made out the best real ingredients.

I'm in the big apple the next few weeks - any recommendation on your favorite farmers markets or restaurants? Email me!


Agrilicious - In The News

Carrot Love
Posted September 5, 2014

TAKEPART.COM – SHOWS THE LOVE. Special thanks to Sarah McColl for the article this month on Sarah takes a look at the humble beginnings of Agrilicious! If you aren't yet familiar with is the digital division of Participant Media, the great folks who brought you such acclaimed documentaries as Food, Inc., An Inconvenient Truth, and The Cove, TakePart does a great job with feature original articles by journalists, activists, and experts about everything from climate change to whether Big Macs should technically be considered food!

GLUTEN FREE. What exactly is a Gluten Free Diet?! We've had lots of inquiries re: the basics of a Gluten Free diet. We have posted a new article where we highlight exactly what gluten is, which foods contain it, and some common challenges of avoiding gluten. Take a look!

Here's hoping for a late summer!


Next Stop - Back to School

Visit our Pintrest Page
Posted August 22, 2014

No...I'm not ready for summer to end.

We have a couple of great member contribution posts this week. Don't miss "Watermelon: the Crown Jewel of Late Summer" by Heidi Pflugrath a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. You can follow Heidi on her blog Also we added an enjoyable read by Brandon Peach from Lancaster, PA – "5 Tips to Going Green on Your Farm"!

If you would like to contribute - please reach out to us - we are currently reviewing winter/holiday related content! Click here.

Thanks for all your support on social media. We have (finally) updated our Pinterest page! Lots of fun stuff there to share and pin. You can also visit us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

For those of you who are now focused on back to school activities...I'll leave your with this video gem to motivate you! Baby Got Class

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

New York, New York - It's Our Kind of Town

Foodie Superstore Eataly
Posted August 15, 2014

Don't miss the latest episode of IN SEARCH OF FOOD in AgriliciousTV. Barton Seaver takes on New York City – the center of the food universe! Barton's trip is highlighted by stops at such places as the Union Square Greenmarket, Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, Rouge Tomate, Bubby's in Tribeca, East New York Farms and one of our favorite foodie superstores Eataly.

This weekend you can see Agrilicious’ own Kid Chef Amber. Amber is competing on the Food Network’s "KIDS COOK-OFF" with RACHAEL RAY AND GUY FIERI! Check your local listings! Read more about Amber.


National Farmers Market Week

National Farmers Market Week
Posted August 4, 2014

Agrilicious is proud to be supporting the Farmers Market Coalition (FMC) as we celebrate National Farmer Market Week this week! The FMC is dedicated to strengthening farmers markets across the US so that they can serve as community assets while providing real income opportunities for farmers. The US Postal Service is even getting into the act this year - they are unveiling a new, limited edition "Farmers Market Forever" Stamp!

Find Your Local Farmers Market.
Read Tips for Your Visit to the Farmers Market.
Learn More About the Farmers Market Coalition.

All Summer Long

All Summer Long
Posted July 25, 2014

Summer is in full swing here in the Pacific Northwest. We had a couple of weeks of sun, a week of rain and now – we head into a week of sun and 80 degree weather. It's been a productive week here at Agrilicious. Lots of updates, tweaking, tuning, feature development, planning and good potential partner discussions. Here are the updates!

Agrilicious Poll – Tackling the burning questions of the week…ok, maybe not, the new Agrilicious Poll is live! Find it in the "Good Life" section and let your opinion be known!

Read More

The New Recipe Feature is Live!

The New Recipe Feature
Posted July 18, 2014

It's here! I think we've cracked the code and succeeded in creating a fun, easy recipe sharing tool that allows our chefs, home cooks and even the hacks (like me) to do a little crowdsourcing and have some fun discovering new, tasty, high quality recipes to share with family and friends!

Give it a whirl! Click here

More fun coming next week!

July is National Blueberry Month

National Blueberry Month
Posted July 11, 2014

July is National Blueberry Month here on Agrilicious! In terms of U.S. fruit consumption, blueberries rank only second to strawberries in popularity of berries. Blueberries are not only popular, but also repeatedly ranked in the U.S. diet as having one of the highest antioxidant capacities among all fruits, vegetables, spices and seasonings. Antioxidants are essential to optimizing health by helping to combat the free radicals that can damage cellular structures as well as DNA. We always recommend the deliciousness of raw blueberries — and we love our blueberries baked into desserts!

Read More About National Blueberry Month
July 4th Survey

Born on the Fourth of July

Posted July 1, 2014

4th of July – It's time again to celebrate the stars and stripes! I was reading an interesting article this morning on Farm Bureau. A traditional 4th of July picnic including hot dogs, cheeseburgers, pork spare ribs, potato salad, baked beans, lemonade and chocolate milk will cost 5% more this year than in 2013 coming in at $5.87 per person. I can't wait! Here's a couple of Agrilicious tips from the crew. Look for the lean meat -- at least 90 percent. If you can't pull off a juicy gut-bomb – consider an alternative burger – perhaps turkey, portabella mushroom, black bean or perhaps even a beet burger! Searching for Beef? Click here

Read More
National Eat Your Vegetables Day!

National Eat Your Vegetables Day

Posted June 17, 2014

It's Here! June 17, is National Eat Your Vegetables Day! The perfect opportunity for all of us to reconnect with all that is good about dirt candy, AKA veggies! A recent study released by The Center for Disease Control, (CDC), defines "Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables". PFVs are attributed with preventing diseases and broadly defined as "green leafy, yellow/orange, citrus and cruciferous items." The study looked at 17 important nutrients naturally occurring in food (fiber, protein, potassium, Vitamin A, B12, D) and calculated how much of those nutrients were found in a 100-calorie serving. Here's the top and bottom 5 results from the study:

Top 5 (Nutrient Density Score)

Watercress, (100)
Chinese Cabbage, 91.99
Chard, 89.27
Beet Green, 87.08
Spinach, 86.43

Read More about Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables
Mother Earth News Fair

Notes from the Farm

Posted May 21, 2014

June is upon us...Check out the latest episode of "In Search of Food" with Joel's a good one! A special thanks to Agrilicious member Astrid from The Living Seed Company. Astrid is contributing this month with a good article about planting a garden...even in drought conditions! If you would like to contribute to Agrilicious Click here.

Mother Earth News Fair Event, Puyallup, WA – This weekend you'll find the Agrilicious team at the Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup, WA. Agrilicious is a sponsor of this year's Fair. The event will feature Joel Salatin, Polyface Farms; Ed Begley Jr, Jo Robinson, Natural Health Network; Sherri Brooks Vinton and Stephanie Toules, Storey Publishing; and several other great keynotes. If you're in the Pacific Northwest, we encourage you to come out. VIP tickets are available from Mother Earth as well! Other upcoming events to meet the team include Seven Springs, PA in Sept and Topeka, KS in Oct! Read More

Seeds of Growth: The Birth of Agrilicious!

Posted April 23, 2014

Welcome to the launch of Agrilicious. My team and I are very excited to have reached this day, and we're equally pleased that you can join us in this important undertaking. Our hope over the next several weeks, months, and years is that we’ll all look back on this as the beginning of a fulfilling and beneficial relationship.

I'm Duane, co-founder, tour guide, blog poster, and sounding board. Let me borrow a few moments of your valuable time so you’ll understand a bit about who we are, why we’re here, and what you'll find on the inviting road to Agrilicious. Read More

Agrilicious is the first of its kind national destination and marketplace for all things local food and handmade goods. Agrilicious provides an exciting way for all of us to participate in the local food experience while expanding the family-and-farmer connection. Agrilicious is a WA based Social Purpose Corporation.

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