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All Summer Long
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All Summer Long

Posted July 25, 2014

Summer is in full swing here in the Pacific Northwest. We had a couple of weeks of sun, a week of rain and now – we head into a week of sun and 80 degree weather. It's been a productive week here at Agrilicious. Lots of updates, tweaking, tuning, feature development, planning and good potential partner discussions. Here are the updates!

Agrilicious Poll – Tackling the burning questions of the week…ok, maybe not, the new Agrilicious Poll is live! Find it in the "Good Life" section and let your opinion be known! Have a great poll idea? We're always us here.

Congrats to Agrilicious’ own Kid Chef Amber. Amber will be featured this summer on the Food Network’s "KIDS COOK-OFF" with RACHAEL RAY AND GUY FIERI! To read more about Amber, click here.

The Top 5: Are you new to Agrilicious and not sure where to start?! Start here! Our new Top 5 things to do on Agrilicious! We have two versions – one for Individuals and one for our Agripreneurs (Farms, Food Hubs, Farmers Markets, B2B, Educators, Advocates, Restaurants etc.)

Find Me A Farmer! We get many (many!) calls and emails every week from people all across the USA asking "where do I find ______!?" If you have a Farm category profile on Agrilicious – keep it updated with your current products! It will not only help us find will allow us to promote your business more effectively to the search engines – resulting in more direct calls to you!

Wait!? You Really Have Customer Service?! In a world where it's near impossible to order a hamburger without pickles (and actually get it…without pickles), we do realize Customer Service is a lost art. We have enjoyed the comments from member's who email us for help, ideas and advice – who seem amazed that our team actually responds! We are here to help – and you will find that we normally respond within a couple of hours. So if you need help, advice or you have a great idea for us – please – send us an email!

It's Working: I wanted to take a moment on behalf of the team to thank all of you for your early support! 90 days in – we are rocking and rolling – traffic is doubling every couple of weeks – it exciting to see – please – tell a friend!

Coming Soon: Next up – the Blog Feature! In the interim – if you are a blogger or a writer - we are always looking for interesting and compelling content for the site. Email us here to be featured!

Get out there and enjoy the summer!


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