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National Eat Your Vegetables Day

Posted June 17, 2014
National Eat Your Vegetables Day!

It's Here! June 17, is National Eat Your Vegetables Day! The perfect opportunity for all of us to reconnect with all that is good about dirt candy, AKA veggies! A recent study released by The Center for Disease Control, (CDC), defines "Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables". PFVs are attributed with preventing diseases and broadly defined as "green leafy, yellow/orange, citrus and cruciferous items." The study looked at 17 important nutrients naturally occurring in food (fiber, protein, potassium, Vitamin A, B12, D) and calculated how much of those nutrients were found in a 100-calorie serving. Here's the top and bottom 5 results from the study:

Top 5 (Nutrient Density Score)

Watercress, (100)
Chinese Cabbage, 91.99
Chard, 89.27
Beet Green, 87.08
Spinach, 86.43

Bottom 5 (But still better than Fruit Gushers!)

Sweet Potato, 10.51
Leek, 10.69
Turnip, 11.43
Rutabaga, 11.58
Winter Squash, 13.89

So push away the Cheetos...set aside the Fruit Gushers for the day – today is National Eat Your Vegetables Day Presented by Agrilicious! Share your vegetable du jour on Twitter at #EatYourVeggies. To review the entire Powerhouse Vegetables report Click Here.



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sylviaskoorb, Wesley Chapel FL
Found you site My question is--How many calories in a passion fruit. Do you figure by pounds, scooped out of covering or as a whole fruit? I see them advertised mainly from Calif. and very expensive. They seem to be sold by the pound. I have them growing on my fence and would like more data on care,trimming bug control
6/2/2016 12:44:00 PM
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