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Farmers' Market Tips

Separate the Wheat from the Chaff It's no secret that we're huge fans of farmers. Spend a few minutes chatting it up at your local farmers' market, and you will be, too. It takes tremendous dedication to both science and art to turn out beautiful produce on a small farm, and the time you spend inquiring about the results of that dedication can yield both useful information and infectious enthusiasm.

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The Benefits of Buying Local- Shop Local Farmers Markets

The Benefits of Buying Local- Shop Local Farmers Markets

The benefits of supporting local businesses run deeper than merely putting money back into the local economy. What good does buying locally do?

If you're buying locally grown food, it’s really good for the environment because you're helping the small farmers keep their farms operational instead of shutting down and selling to developers.

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Why Farmers Markets?

InfoGraphic: Stimulate the local economy, preserve farmland, increase access to food - Farmers Markets just make sense! Why Farmers Market

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Why Shoppers Go Local, Organic

InfoGraphic: Who are the local and organic shoppers - and why do they do it? Why Shoppers Go Local Organic

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