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Your food choices have enormous impact on the wellbeing of your family, the farm community and even the food industry. The Agrilicious food movement is focused on expanding the family-farmer connection while celebrating the experiences and benefits this creates.

The food you purchase and where you purchase it has a profound impact on the food industry and your local economy. People that embrace local food as essential to a satisfying way of life choose Agrilicious.

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Getting Back to our Cooking Roots with the Slow Food Movement

Getting Back to our Cooking Roots with the Slow Food Movement

Over the years, many American families have come to rely on fast food in order to get the nutrition that their family needs. It is quick and convenient, and it fits in well with the busy lifestyles that many Americans have. Unfortunately, this type of eating is not healthy, which is a major problem since many Americans eat fast food multiple times a week.

Luckily, there is a new movement emerging that seeks to counteract fast food and its unhealthy consequences. Called the Slow Food movement, it is becoming increasingly popular with nutritionists and families alike as they learn more about its goals and purposes. It is a plan that promotes healthy eating, fresh food, and spending time together during a meal rather than eating on the couch in front of the television or while on the go.

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Food Fight

Food Fight, 2008, Christopher Taylor If you want a movie that is going to really give you the facts about local food and inspire you to start eating more locally, then this is the movie for you.

A fascinating look at how American agricultural policy and food culture developed in the 20th century, and how the California food movement rebelled against big agribusiness to launch the local organic food movement.

There’s everything from interviews with government officials to the founder of Chez Panisse, Alice Waters, to an interview with famed Chef Wolfgang Puck. So, be sure to eat before you watch the film because it will definitely make you hungry.

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Ingredients, 2009, Robert Bates

Ingredients, 2009, Robert Bates

At the focal point of the food movement, and of this film, are the farmers and chefs who are creating a truly sustainable food system. Their collaborative work has resulted in great tasting food and an explosion of consumer awareness about the benefits of eating local.

For the first time in history, our children’s generation is expected to have a shorter lifespan than our own. The quality, taste and nutritional value of the food we eat has dropped sharply over the last fifty years.

Shipped from ever-greater distances, we have literally lost sight of where our food comes from and in the process we've lost a vital connection to our local community and to our health.

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