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The Benefits of Buying Local

The Benefits of Buying Local

The benefits of supporting local businesses run deeper than merely putting money back into the local economy. What good does buying locally do?

It stimulates the local economy. A study done in Texas showed that for every $100 that was spent in a chain bookstore, only $13 of it was put back into the local economy. But that same $100 spent at a local, independently owned bookstore put $45 back into the local economy. Think of that next time you're deciding to get your coffee from a large chain or the local corner coffee house.

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Celebrating Food, Farms, & Family

All Things Local Food

The Agrilicious food movement is focused on expanding the family-farmer connection while celebrating the experiences and benefits this creates.

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Chef Scott Pampuch Scott Pampuch, is an award winning chef and sustainable foods activist. He created He created Corner Table and Tour de Farm to celebrate food and the fields where it's grown. Now, he's bringing his passion for fresh ingredients to you, with classes, his musings on food+farm and as the new host of Agrilicious.orgs In Search of Food.

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