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Organic Gardening Tips & Tricks!

Organic Gardening Tips

1. Rotate your crops each year to help reduce pest and disease problems, as well as correct nutrient deficiencies and excesses.

2. Companion planting is an excellent way to improve your garden. Some plants replenish nutrients lost by another one, and some combinations effectively keep pests away.

3. Water in the morning to help avoid powdery mildew and other fungal diseases that are often spread by high humidity.

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Plant a Garden this Year!

While California suffers through one of the worst droughts on record, it is no wonder many Golden State gardeners have decided to let their gardens go uncultivated this year. The problem with that approach is that by planting a garden this year, could be one of the wisest thing gardeners can do, AND, could actually save water.

The irony, in this misnomer, is that large farming operations and factory farms often improperly use water to not only irrigate crops, but also to "clean" and prepare vegetables for the market. A consumer’s garden can use a dramatically less amount of water to grow and wash the same vegetables.


In the shadows on this drought, it is estimated that food prices are on the rise. With California being one of the largest producers of vegetables, nuts and fruits, it is only natural to assume that prices will reflect the effects of this drought. It has been speculated that it will have a two year impact on tree crops, such as fruit and nuts, since its takes these crops longer to recover from the drought.


We have come a long way in water technology to design and create systems that inherently are water efficient and more effective in their purpose, for example to water plants and not sidewalks.

By integrating a drip system in your own garden, you are not only effectively watering your plants, by targeting their roots, but you are also using a system that conserves water. Not all gardens will have the ability to have drip installed, but there are further alternatives in water technology to be water wise. Not all nozzles are created equal. Using nozzles that properly aerate and distribute water can be a simple solution for those who enjoy hand watering their gardens.

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Benefits of Gardening

InfoGraphic: The health, financial and mental benefits of gardening are astounding! Benefits of Organic Gardening

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Dont Just Go Local, Grow Local

InfoGraphic: Don't just go local and organic - GROW local and organic with your own garden! InfoGraphic: GROW local and organic with your own garden!

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