The Paleo Diet: Living on Paleo Recipes

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What is the Paleo Diet

For the Paleo Diet it really is simple. If a caveman wouldn’t eat it, neither should you! If you can hunt, fish or find it - meats, fish, nuts, leafy greens, regional veggies, and seeds then you are golden! If its pasta, cereal, and candy then you’ve got the wrong diet. The Paleo diet is one that follows the eating habits of our Paleolithic ancestors, eating only the things they would have eaten. This means excluding things such as sugar, dairy and processed foods that is believed to do harm to the body and not help us reach our peak physical performance.

What the Paleo diet intake mainly consists of is four items wild meat, nuts, fruits and veggies. However you must stay away from super starchy vegetables such as potatoes and squash. Also if you are looking to lose weight through the Paleo diet it suggested that you do not consume more than a couple servings of fruit a day because fruit contains large amounts of fructose and while it’s better the High fructose corn syrup it’s still sugar and can harm your efforts to shed the pounds.

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