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TED Talks

Whether reaching hundreds to thousands of people through a conference or millions through you-tube TED has allowed new ideas to spread throughout the population. One idea TED has featured many times with different topics is our food, whether it be a talk for foodies, how we eat our food or how we source our food.

All these have helped spur the growth or help add traction to the local food movement. These TED food movement talks will open your mind and make you think twice about how and what you eat.

These TED talks – from Jamie Oliver, Robyn OBrien, Peter Reinhart, Dan Barber, Mark Bittman, Barton Seaver as well as featured chefs, farmers, restaurant owners, cookbook writers, advocates and foodies -- celebrate all things edible while asking important question about what's wrong with what we eat?, sustainable farming, GMO’s, gardening, disappearing bees and ending hunger. Watch these great videos on Agrilicious to fill your mind with new ways of thinking.

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Robyn O'brien- Talks Real Food & The Food Movement

Robyn O'brien ted food movement talk

Robyn O'brien speaks on how the food industry has changed our food supply by adding new proteins to the food we eat. She goes on to talk about how the food allergy epidemic has exploded since the 1990’s around the time these proteins started being added to the food. She speaks about how the rest of the world has not allowed these new proteins to be added because they have not been proven to be safe. Yet as a country we claimed these proteins haven’t been proven unsafe so we allowed them to be added.

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Birke Baehr - Speaks About The Importance of Local Farms and Consumption of Local Foods

Birke Baehr speaks about the importance of local farms and consumption of local foods in your community. He talks about how kids have been bombarded with advertisements from corporations to sell unhealthy food. It talks about how wee can change the way kids think by educating them on what is truly healthy food. Watch this video to learn more.

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