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At we believe that eating, fresh seafood like local Catfish provides a significant variety of benefits. Studies have shown that locally sourced and organic foods have more nutrients and antioxidants. Studies also show that people who have allergies to foods or preservatives often find their symptoms lessen or go away all together when they eat only locally sourced and organic foods! Find locally sourced Catfish and more at local markets in your neighborhood today at
Thomaston, GA
Other, Vine - Ripened, Sustainable, Grass - Fed, Practicing Organic
Thyme, Sage, Rosemary, Oregano, Mint, Lavender, Echinacea, Cayenne, Calendula, Catfish, Turkey, Chicken, Chicken Eggs, Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Okra
Rainbow City, AL
Other, Sustainable, Naturally Grown
Catfish, Vegetables, Herbs, Specialty, Salad Greens, Urban Agriculture, Roof Garden, Pleasure Gardens, Live Plant, Herb Gardens, Gardening Supplies, Honey Bees
Liberty, SC
Sustainable, Practicing Organic, Naturally Grown, Other
Catfish, Quail, Chicken, Quail Eggs, Duck Eggs, Chicken Eggs, Eggs, Watermelons, Cantaloupe, Zucchini, Tomatoes, Peas, Green Beans, Cucumbers, Corn
Coastal Farms, Food Hub/Co-Op
Windsor, VA
Vine - Ripened, Sustainable, Grass - Fed, Practicing Organic, Naturally Grown, Certified Organic
Catfish, Toffee, Pies, Cookies & More, Breads, Granola, Gluten-Free, Cookies, Bakery Products, Yarn, Wool, Sheepskins & Pelts, Sheep, Roving, Batting, Maple
Waynesville, NC
Other, Vine - Ripened, Biodynamic, Sustainable, Grass - Fed, Practicing Organic, Naturally Grown, Hybrid
Catfish, Vegetables, Heirloom Tomatoes, Bulbs & Tubers, Vegetable Starts, Sunflowers, Seeds, Perennials, Nursery Stock, Mums, Manure, Herb Plants, Daylilies
Winterville, NC
Vine - Ripened, Sustainable, Practicing Organic, Naturally Grown
Catfish, Vegetables, Others, Herbs, Heirloom Tomatoes, Vegetable Starts, Manure, Herb Plants, Cut Flowers, Compost, Bedding Plants, Urban Agriculture, Parsley
Yalaha, FL
Naturally Grown
Celery, Arugula, Catfish, Fresh & Dried Herbs, Specialty, Edible Flowers, Lettuce, Salad Greens, Collards, Duck, Kale, Swiss Chard, Vegetables, Herbs
Pittsfield, PA
Bacon, Beef, Catfish, Pork, Sausage & Jerky, Turkey, Sage, Fresh
Des Allemands, LA
Catfish, Crab, Sage
Wild caught catfish, lump and claw crabmeat, stuffed crabs, crab dip, live crabs in season, soft shell crabs, alligator and alligator sausage....
Tucson, AZ
Butter, Beef, Butters, Cheeses, Chicken, Catfish, Fresh & Dried Herbs, Corn, Breads & Bakery, Eggs, Fish / Seafood, Specialty, Strawberries, Tomatoes
We are a small family farm at Sabino Canyon and River Road (Northeast Tucson). With a community supported agriculture (CSA), involvement.As a group......
El Rey Burrito Lounge, Farmers Market
Montgomery, AL
Sustainable, Biodynamic
Bacon, Boar, Butter, Beef, Butters, Cheeses, Chicken, Catfish, Fresh & Dried Herbs, Cream, Ham, Corn, Eggs, Creams, Pork, Desserts, Wine, Tomatoes
Roswell, NM
Cabbage, Mustard, Cantaloupe, Produce, Carrots, Chinese greens, Apples, Catfish, Fresh & Dried Herbs, Corn, Asparagus, Eggs, Beets, Soaps, Cucumbers
Farm fresh produce and eggs available Saturdays from 9:00AM to 3:00PM. Farm is open from the 1st weekend in May to the 1st weekend in the kids t......
Abingdon, VA
Catfish, Corn, Fish / Seafood, Specialty, Edible Flowers, Tomatoes, Peppers, Potatoes, Spinach, Sweet Peppers, Rabbit, Sweet Potatoes, Swiss Chard
The Garden of Eatn' is a work in progress. We presently have 6,000 square feet of greenhouse space including two ponds totaling 20,000 gallons of......
Houston, TX
Catfish, Crab, Gin, Other
This vendor offers seafood recommended on the Food and Water Watch Smart Seafood Guide, but may also carry other items. ?Be sure to always confirm......
New Haven, CT
Top, Figs, Rice, Tuna, Catfish, Other, Tea
Big Island, VA
Deli, Beef, Chicken, Catfish, Pork, Turkey, Gin
Mountain Run Farm is a unique family farm locatedin Bedford County Virginia (Sedalia to be exact).Raising local, humanely-raised, all natural, we......
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