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At we believe that eating Locally Grown and Organic foods like local Dried Kumquats provides a significant variety of benefits. Studies have shown that locally sourced and organic foods have more nutrients, including antioxidants, than traditionally grown foods. Studies also show that people who have allergies to foods or preservatives often find their symptoms lessen or go away all together when they eat only locally sourced and organic foods! Find locally sourced Dried Kumquats and more at local farms in your neighborhood today at
Los Fresnos, TX
Sustainable, Practicing Organic
Chicken, Avocados, Tropical Fruit, Bananas, Jellies, Fruit Preserves, Jams, Figs, Kumquats, Grapefruit, Grapes, Specialty, Guavas, Edible Flowers
Earth Born Market, Grocer/Specialty
McAllen, TX
Transitional, Sustainable, Practicing Organic, Naturally Grown, Certified Organic
Dried Kumquats, Pies, Fudge, Juices, Peanut Butter, Nut Butter, Mustard, Marmalade, Jams, Fruit Preserves, Jellies, Chutney Relish, Butters, Honey Sticks, Honey, Nuts
Merced, CA
Dried Kumquats, Peanuts, Deli, Cabbage, Pecans, Mustard, Cantaloupe, Pistachios, Walnuts, Cherries, Carrots, Cauliflower, Cranberries, Apricots, Celery, Edam, Apples
From Our Garden 2 Your Door! (see our website!)Fresh, locally grown seasonal CSA produce boxes pickup or delivered to your home or......
Colton, CA
Dried Kumquats, Cabbage, Mustard, Cantaloupe, Wheat, Carrots, Sheep, Apricots, Celery, Silk, Chinese greens, Edam, Apples, Artichokes, Nuts, Apricot, Arugula, Chicken
Welcome to Rancho de los Proyectos, Ranch of Projects, where we specialize in seasonal produce including tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, onions, herbs......
Gridley, CA
Dried Kumquats, Cabbage, Floral, Cantaloupe, Walnuts, Cherries, Carrots, Cauliflower, Apricots, Apples, Beef, Nuts, Apricot, Fresh & Dried Herbs, Corn, Eggs, Beets
3 Red Hart's Grove, Farmers Market
Corona, CA
Cantaloupe, Carrots, Nuts, Chicken, Fresh & Dried Herbs, Corn, Avocados, Eggs, Popcorn, Turkey, Cucumbers, Kumquats, Grapefruit, Specialty, Geese
I planted over 300 trees in 2005. I have spring water that is used for the whole grove and my vegetables. I have 3 kinds of pomegranates, navel and......
Ville Platte, LA
Sheep, Chicken, Fresh & Dried Herbs, Corn, Eggs, Pork, Turkey, Kumquats, Lamb, Lemons, Figs, Wool, Herbs, Fresh, Fruits
At Bayou Farm, we raise livestock with an eye toward improved farming practices. Through our pastured poultry program and management intensive......
Las Vegas, NV
Kumquats, Specialty, Wine, Lamb, Oat, Onions, Culinary, Fresh
Farm-to-table ingredients are always at the heart of Chef Bradley Ogden’s work. At Bradley Ogden Caesars Palace, New American Cuisine takes center......
Sarasota, FL
Looms, Butter, Butters, Cheeses, Corn, Breads & Bakery, Eggs, Honey, Soaps, Jellies, Kumquats, Grapefruit, Tomatoes, Oat, Oranges, Tangerines, Jams
Brown's Grove has been Located in the Sarasota area since 1915 and is now being operated by the 3rd generation of the Brown family, Tim and Hiedi......
Eli's Farms, Farmers Market
Fallbrook, CA
Naturally Grown, Sustainable
Dried Kumquats, Deli, Cabbage, Mustard, Cantaloupe, Produce, Cherimoyas, Carrots, Cauliflower, Apricots, Celery, Artichokes, Apricot, Arugula, Fresh & Dried Herbs
Oakdale, CA
Cherries, Apricots, Apricot, Fresh & Dried Herbs, Blackberries, Kumquats, Grapefruit, Grapes, Persimmons, Prunes, Specialty, Raspberries, Ginger, Figs
Small family farm where we've used organic & natural farming methods with lots of TLC since 1973; drip irrigation from our own well; NO pesticides,......
Lithia, FL
Cabbage, Celery, Eggs, Bananas, Broccoli, Cucumbers, Kumquats, Grapefruit, Grapes, Eggplant, Tomatoes, Lemons, Green Beans, Zucchini, Mint, Peppermint
A U-PICK farm and produce stand, "If we don't grow it, we don't sell it". Vineyard, citrus grove, and produce family friendly farm. Open weekends......
Escondido, CA
Dried Kumquats, Lemons, Green Beans, Limes, Zucchini, Rhubarb, Lettuce, Melons, Okra, Oranges, Onions, Peppers, Peaches, Pears, Pumpkins, Persimmons, Plums, Spinach
Home grown, local produce. Tomatoes, corn, watermelon, citrus, avocados, persimmons, cantaloupe and so much more!
Screven, GA
Dried Kumquats, Peanuts, Cabbage, Pecans, Mustard, Cantaloupe, Carrots, Cauliflower, Blueberries, Nuts, Fresh & Dried Herbs, Corn, Eggs, Blackberries, Broccoli, Pears
Going Green Plant Nursery & Farms is family owned. Growing a wide range of local farm fresh vegetables. Tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, corn, peppers,......
Redlands, CA
Certified Organic
Avocados, Kumquats, Specialty, Lemons
Dade City, FL
Growing since 1912, this family of kumquat growers is the largest producer of kumquats in the nation. The small, sweet, but tart citrus is a great......
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