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At we believe that eating Locally Grown and Organic foods like local Popcorn provides a significant variety of benefits. Studies have shown that locally sourced and organic foods have more nutrients, including antioxidants, than traditionally grown foods. Studies also show that people who have allergies to foods or preservatives often find their symptoms lessen or go away all together when they eat only locally sourced and organic foods! Find locally sourced Popcorn and more at local farms in Woodward today at

Get Popcorn From One of These Local Sources:
Black's Heritage Farm, Farmers Market
Ames, IA
Corn, Popcorn, Peppers, Potatoes, Pumpkins, Summer Squash, Sweet Peppers, Llama, Sweet Potatoes, Winter Squash, Others, Other, Vegetables, Grains
We specialize in growing sweet corn winter squash, & pumpkins. We market at local farmers' markets., on the farm and wholesale. We have a pick your......
Laurel, IA
Spelt, Wheat, Walnuts, Beef, Nuts, Barley, Chicken, Buckwheat, Corn, Maple, Eggs, Millet, Oats, Popcorn, Specialty, Goat, Oat, Top, Goat Cheese, Rice
Since 1964 Paul's Grains has been chemical free - we were one of the organic "pioneers" in Iowa. We're a close-knit family operation, growing and g......
Oakland, IA
Popcorn, Looms, Cabbage, Floral, Mustard, Wheat, Cherries, Carrots, Cauliflower, Cranberries, Apricots, Blueberries, Chinese greens, Edam, Apples, Nuts, Corn
Specializing in local sales of fresh salad greens to high quality restaurants. Providing local sales of seasonal vegetables (watermelon radish,......
Harlan, IA
Certified Organic, Practicing Organic
Alfalfa, Beef, Corn, Oats, Popcorn, Oat

Did You Know?
Cows spend 8 hours per day eating, 8 hours chewing her cud (regurgitated, partially digested food), and 8 hours sleeping.